The Complete Smile Transformation

Is there ever a time that you look at your teeth in the mirror and wish you had a more pleasing smile?

Maintaining pristine oral hygiene sometimes is not enough to obtain a beautiful smile. Natural concerns such as misshapen teeth, malocclusion, teeth staining, etc. could deny you that flawless smile. In addition, external factors such as oral trauma, gum diseases, plaque and tartar accumulation, cavities, etc. could negatively influence your smile.

At Smile Care Dental Center in Abbotsford, we offer a variety of options to achieve the best cosmetic result. If you wish to have multiple oral concerns treated to get a more pleasing and attractive smile, a smile transformation would be the best option for you.

What Is A Smile Transformation?

Patients who have multiple oral issues that are negatively affecting the aesthetics of their smile can benefit from a smile makeover. It is a dental therapy that is a combination of several procedures mainly aimed at enhancing the appearance of the smile. Some of the treatments offered are:

Gum contouring: You may sometimes notice that the gums are receding below the ideal gum line, or they appear especially red which could be the initial stages of gum diseases. If left untreated, the condition could worsen and lead to the discharge of pus, bleeding gums, jawbone deterioration, etc. We treat gum diseases by removing the infected tissues and grafting healthy ones in their place. Also, appropriate medication will be prescribed to prevent reinfection.

Restore damaged teeth: The teeth could sustain severe damage when you bite anything too hard, accidentally fall, or due to sports-related injuries. If the teeth are left as is, they could suffer a root canal infection that would be highly painful. Hence, it is best to restore such teeth using dental restorations such as crowns, veneers, or composite bonding. All our dental restorations are made from tooth-colored materials, giving you a flawless smile.

Teeth whitening: Discolored teeth can be quite embarrassing, especially when you have important meetings, presentations, or a much-anticipated date. Getting rid of the stains on the teeth is very simple with our teeth whitening solutions. At Smile Care Dental Center in Abbotsford, we offer a range of Opalescence products designed to meet your needs, whether you want to whiten your teeth during your next visit to our office or do it yourself at home!

Replace missing teeth: Losing the natural teeth to causes such as cavities, external trauma, crowding, etc., can be quite upsetting. If not restored at the right time, it can lead to several drawbacks, such as displeasing aesthetics of the smile, drifting of the adjoining teeth, jawbone deterioration, etc. Hence, we recommend getting missing teeth replaced by prosthetic restorations, such as dental implants, bridges, or dentures, at the earliest.

Dr Harvinder Singh will get you the bright new smile that will dazzle your family and friends for whatever occasion! Contact us to schedule an appointment. Smile Care Dental Center proudly serves families throughout Abbotsford and the entire Fraser Valley.

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