Crowns Restore Damaged Teeth

As part of our comprehensive range of restorative dentistry services, Smile Care Dental Center offers Dental Crowns to our patients in Abbotsford and surrounding communities. Dental crowns are custom-made dental prostheses designed to replace missing teeth and restore damaged teeth. Abbotsford Dentist, Dr. Singh works with master ceramists to ensure our crowns not only fit well, but look completely natural. If you are suffering with a missing tooth, or a tooth that has been damaged by trauma or decay, crowns can restore your smile.

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Receiving a dental crown is a process which must be done in a number of steps

Step 01

A skilled dentist knows just how much of the tooth that needs to be removed in order to create a strong crown that will protect the remaining tooth. On average the tooth will need to be ground down by about two millimeters on all sides and tapered slightly, but symmetrically on all sides so that the crown can slip down over the remaining tooth.

Step 02

Sometimes after all edges have been ground down and any decay has been removed, the tooth that remains is too small or is no longer tall enough to be used for the crown. When that happens, dentists will “build-up” the damaged tooth with filling material so that the crown will be able to fit snugly down over it.

Step 03

The shaved tooth will be cleaned and dried, then the gum tissue around it will be gently pushed back to expose more the tooth. When that has been done, there will be a series of liquid materials dabbed around the tooth and in a tray that the patient will bite down on for a few minutes. There is a chemical reaction between the liquids that creates putty that will harden into an impression of both the tooth in question and the entire jawline to establish a bite pattern.

Step 04

The hard work has been done at this point and the dentist will take a preformed shell and shape it to your tooth. They will place it with temporary cement which can be easily removed when the patient returns to have the permanent crown placed. This temporary crown will stand up to normal wear and tear until the permanent arrives.

Step 05

The patient will return when the permanent crown has been received from the dental lab. This second procedure may require a slight amount of anesthesia so that the dentist can free the temporary crown and clean any excess cement from the remaining tooth. After the crown has been installed, the patient will clench their teeth for a few minutes to solidify the bond and will then be given a few tests to ensure the bite pattern is identical to the previous one.

Step 06

For the most part the final visit in a standard crown procedure does not cause much trauma to the affected area in the patient’s mouth. There will be a numbness that must wear off from the anesthetic, but any discomfort should be minor. Good dentists will warn patients to abstain from sticky or hard foods for a day or two to give the crown cement ample time to form a solid bond. The patient may experience some sensitivity in the area to hot and cold liquids, but this should subside over time.

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