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Composite Fillings: Natural & Healthy Restorations

Nobody likes cavities. But unfortunately, almost everyone will have to deal with one at some point in their life — no matter how well you brush and floss. Genetics, your diet, and natural bacteria in your mouth all contribute to your risk of tooth decay.

Smile Care Dental Center offers natural white fillings. Made from a durable composite material, they’re a great alternative to old-fashioned silver-mercury amalgam fillings. Not only are they durable, they look great, too! You’ll be able to smile with confidence.

What to Expect From Your Dental Filling

We want to make sure your visit to our clinic is relaxing and enjoyable. Everything in our dental office is designed with you in mind. Your comfort. Your confidence.

Step 01

Dr. Singh will gently numb your mouth — if you’re nervous, ask about sedation options like oral sedation.

Step 02

Relax, enjoy Netflix,Youtube, or Music Streaming Services while Dr. Singh carefully removes decay and prepares the surface of your tooth.

Step 03

Dr. Singh will prepare your filling, place it into the prepared tooth, and make sure it is secured.

Step 04

In just minutes, your cavity will be gone and your filling will be all finished.

Your Composite Fillings Will Be…

Durable & Long Lasting

The Same Color As Natural Teeth

Designed For Your Health!

Durable & Long Lasting

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