Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP)

UPDATE – April 25, 2024

Based on recent updates, the earliest date that we can bill Sunlife directly for CDCP patients is July 2024. We are aware that many patients will have active CDCP coverage by May 2024, however Health Canada has notified all Provincial and Territorial Dental Associations that July 2024 will be the month that dental practices will be able to directly bill Sunlife. Please continue to check this page for further updates.

April 08, 2024

In the current proposal, our office is not ready to commit to providing dental coverage care for those under the CDCP plan because we are advised by the BC Dental Association to wait until all the provincial dental associations are able to negotiate a better plan for patients.

The government has put up barriers that we feel is unjust for patients in the right to choose what offices they can go to and are not speaking the truth about the plan covering 100% of fees. They are only paying 50-80% of current provincial fees so the various provincial dental associations are trying to negotiate better coverage for patients.

Until these barriers are removed, we feel it is best to hold off on accepting the plan in its current form at our office. If a better plan has been negotiated, we will become a dental provider for this plan and we urge you to continue to check this page as it will be continuously updated informing you when we will be accepting CDCP patients.

Previous information on how the government has set up the plan:
As dental providers, we only know as much as the public does and direct any inquiries to the government website. A lot of people assume the government will be a full coverage plan, but in reality it will likely NOT be as comprehensive as the public is expecting. The government has said that it will likely be similar to the NHIB dental plan that already exists:

The NHIB plan is very limited and falls short of the recommended fee guide, and patients would be out of the pocket to pay the difference in what the plan covers. As dental offices we have no control over what is covered and not covered, and ultimately it is up to the patient to understand what the coverage will entail.

Questions on why somethings are not covered or why a benefit is not being fully paid out, is best answered by contacting those providing the plan: the Canadian Government. As dentists we are care providers and not dental plan administrators.

We prefer to keep doing what we do best, and that is providing quality dental care to our current and new patients.

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